Wednesday 10 March 2021


A LOCAL married prophet is under fire for bedding one of his congregants. Prophet Cherubim, real name Lucky Chakanyuka, of International Arena of Miracles, also stands accused of luring women into relationships with him in return for anointing.

His illicit a­ffair with Jaqueline Maredza has shaken the ministry amid reports by workers that they were no longer being paid on time.

Prophet Cherubim is further being accused of stage-managing donations here in Zimbabwe to receive more money from his Australian wife. Prophet Cherubim confirmed to H-Metro that his a­ffair with Maredza had left him with egg on the face.

“This lady Jaqueline Maredza is someone I worked with for some time and I could not admit to my a­ffair with her over the phone that is why I requested to meet you in person,” said Prophet Cherubim.

“She helped us in charity work and I ended up falling in love with her and I later noticed something I cannot mention that forced me to end the a­ffair.

“She left the ministry and received her dues, but bitterness forced her to fight me,” said Prophet Cherubim.


Maredza confirmed having unholy prayers with Prophet Cherubim and said their illicit affair led the man of the cloth into hunting for more women.

“It is true that I once had an affair with Prophet Cherubim and I have some nude photographs to prove that, but it’s now water under the bridge,” said Maredza.

“I separated with him as he cast his eyes wider and is now in the arms of another woman, although I am not sure if she is a church member. Please do not associate my name with him over his shenanigans,” said Maredza.

Prophet Cherubim stands accused of spending much money at a clothing shop Zanox Men owned by one Georgina Duri yet his workers are not getting their dues in time.

“Duri is a family friend. Apart from being a family friend, she is a business partner and I once used her Zanox shop to meet people who wanted to consult me. I am her client for suits and I used to refer a number of pastors to Zanox, for suits.

“Kana ndisina mari Duri ainodipa masuits ndichizobhadhara iyewo akashaya mari yebasa ndaimupa nekuti mudzimai wangu is a millionaire based in Australia and we are legally married.

“I am Cherubim and my wife is Seraphim, hence our foundation is named after Cherubim and Seraphim which help the poor and underprivileged.

“For the ministry workers to suggest that I am spending ministry funds is incorrect since the money is mine and I do not need an outside auditor to account for it.

“It is up to me to continue helping people or to stop and because of such allegations I have informed all workers to only report for work after receiving a call from me.

“Ministry workers are turning against me over money being sent by my wife and want to tarnish my image and stop that money,” said Prophet Cherubim.

Duri said Prophet Cherubim was a friend and was not dependent on Cherubim’s money. “I have receipts to prove that he is Zanox client. “My business is doing well that I do not depend or get assistance from prophet Cherubim.

He visits my house for business meetings and we sometimes have parties together since he and his wife are my friends and at one time we met in Germany and had fun together while he was with his wife,” said Duri.

Reports are that Prophet Cherubim has been receiving large sums of foreign currency through a local bank and in turn splashes the money on women. H Metro


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