Friday 5 March 2021


A man from Nkayi rural area, who axed his girlfriend twice on the neck leading to her death over unclear circumstances, has finally decided to open up on what really triggered him to commit such a serious offence.

B-Metro was at Khami Remand Prison, where they met Ndabezinhle Ncube (40), who had a lot to share on what really transpired on the fateful day leading to his 35-year imprisonment.

In an interview, Ncube said his empire started crumbling when he started dating his wife’s best friend, who happened to be from the same village in Nkayi. When his wife discovered the affair, she packed her bags and went back to her parents’ home.

“One of the biggest mistakes that I did in my life was dating my wife’s best friend and to be honest with you I don’t even know what really made me fall in love with my wife’s friend.

“As we were dating with this lady everything was still rosy such that I ended up abusing my wife and in her investigations, she discovered that most of our fights were emerging from the extra marital affair that I was having with her best friend. She tried very hard to end the relationship but it was too late.

“When she discovered that the affair had wrecked our marriage, she decided to take our children and they went back to her parents’ home as she was preparing to go to South Africa to look for a job to look after our children since I had stopped supporting them due to this lady, who was now in the picture,”he said.

Ncube said soon after his family’s departure he invited his girlfriend to immediately move in with him as he was working towards turning their adulterous affair into a marriage.

“When my wife left with my children, I felt it was the best time to move in with my girlfriend as my intention was to marry this lady so that we could settle as family. The lady agreed to my proposal so she moved in with me even though her mother was against the idea of using the homestead that I had built with another woman.

“She suggested that we dispose most of the property that I had acquired with my wife and I agreed and we sold almost all the property that I had been left with instead of giving it to my kids,”he said.

Ncube said during that period he started working very hard raising money to pay lobola for his girlfriend and all the money that he got from different jobs he did was being given to the girlfriend for safe keeping as the parents of his girlfriend had since given them a date to officialise their union as husband and wife.

“My brother I now understand why our elders said love is blind because while staying with my girlfriend, I became so foolish to the extent of giving her all the money I got for safe keeping as we were preparing for the day to pay lobola.

“I cannot tell how much I raised from my jobs, but what I know is that I raised a lot of money that was meant to cover a lot of stages involved when it comes to payment of lobola,”he said.

Ncube said trouble started when the father of his girlfriend’s child came back from South Africa after getting wind that his ex-wife was preparing to get married to another man from the same village.

“When I met my girlfriend she told me that she had gone separate ways with her husband over the paternity of their child so she was free to get married to any person of her choice. These words gave me confidence to continue working towards our main goal.

“On arrival the ex-husband told my girlfriend that he was back home to make sure their child gets a birth certificate and that is where everything went out of control as that guy told her that he wanted to fix their issues so that they could reunite and be one family,”he said.

Ncube said immediately his girlfriend started acting up as she moved back to her parents’ homestead, leaving him alone. She stopped picking his calls and this made him suspect that she had fixed things with her ex-husband.

“At first this girlfriend of mine could not open up to me that they had fixed up their issues with her ex-husband, but through my own investigations I was told that the couple had reunited and to be honest with you I had no problem with that.

“The lady later managed to gather courage and she told me that her ex-husband was putting a lot of pressure on her to come back even though she was pregnant with my child. I told her to follow her heart as this was a sensitive issue that needed proper thinking before one could come up with a decision,”he said.

Ncube said a serious misunderstanding erupted when he asked his now ex-girlfriend to handover the money he had given her for safekeeping. She refused and told him that she will use the money to take care of their unborn child.

“I had told myself that I was going to start a new life using the money that was meant to be used in paying lobola, but only to be told that I was not going to get a cent from all the money that I had worked hard to raise. I tried to be calm, but I couldn’t. I was holding an axe when she broke the news and from that point, I don’t remember what happened.

“The next thing I saw the woman on the ground and all this drama happened in the eyes of her younger brother, who disappeared, when he saw that his sister had been seriously injured,” he said.

Ncube said after axing his girlfriend he went home with the intention of committing suicide, but before hanging himself he called his kids and told them his intentions and they cried so much such that he could not go ahead with his plan. He hid in a thick forest, but handed himself over to the police the next day.

“I was emotionally abused by this woman and it was not my intention to commit this crime, but I was pushed by her deeds and each time I think of my family I cry because I failed them a lot.

“My kids deserve a better life and not what they are going through.

“The police officers worked on the docket and I was taken to court where I was placed on remand for five years and later on, I was sentenced to 35 years in prison,”he said.

Ncube said he found it hard to adjust to a life behind bars, but with the support from prison officers, he was encouraged to pick a profession of his choice that he could pursue while in prison as a way of reducing stress considering what he had been through.

“I was a cobbler before so I thought it was high time I put my talent to good use and as we speak, I am producing sandals for both officers and inmates. This opportunity that I was given by the officer in charge is helping me a lot in improving my skill considering that we learn new things every day.

“I hope such opportunities, that I am getting while in prison, will help mould me to be a different person, who will be more productive and responsible in the community once I go back to my family,” he said. B Metro


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