Friday 5 March 2021


with his mistress
FORMER Kwekwe mayor’s photographs with his alleged Gweru mistress have leaked and are circulating on social media.

Matenda Madzoke’s photographs with Dzivaidzo Mariba during her pregnancy and later with the baby have become the talk of the City of Gold.

Madzoke denied any knowledge of Mariba before the writer informed him about the photographs circulating on social media.

However, Madzoke’s wife Clara Elain Madzoke confirmed Dzivaidzo had been a thorn in her marriage for some time.

“It is unfortunate that the issue is now awash in Kwekwe considering our status, but Dzivaidzo has affected my marriage for quite some time,” said Elain.

“I once sent a message to her about how she was causing untold suffering in my marriage, but she ignored the message.

“I confronted my husband about it threatening to take legal action, but he turned against me saying Dzivaidzo would not attend the court. My marriage has been sour since Dzivaidzo came into the picture, but God will direct my path,” she said.

Madzoke, after learning that H-Metro was in possession of the leaked photographs, said they were doctored.

“You know these days people have a tendency of doctoring photographs,” said Madzoke. “I do not know anyone by the name Dzivaidzo Mariba,” he said.

Sources close to the former mayor said one of his relatives leaked the photographs. “Mdara angaasisabve kuGweru uye achiswera na Dzivaidzo kupurazi kwake saka zvibereko zvazobuda hazvo,” said the source.

“He disappointed the woman who helped him become the man he is today because of Dzivaidzo,” said the source.

On the photographs Madzoke said were doctored, he is seen looking at the expecting Dzivaidzo, holding the baby and with Dzivaidzo resting her head on his chest. H Metro

with his wife


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