Tuesday 23 March 2021


A Buhera woman is angry that the local Police never returned to make further investigations nor to update her after taking statements on the murder of her husband Muchemi Chinembiri in November 2019.

Chinembiri was murdered in front of his wife and daughter after he came out of his bedroom to answer a knock on the door.

The incident happened in Kuenda Village under Chief Nyashanu in Buhera, said the deceased’s wife Patience Chifamba.

Manicaland Police spokesperson Inspector Luxson Chananda told Chipinge Times that he was going to contact Murambinda Police station to find out what happened to the investigations.

Chifamba said her deceased husband named the people that assaulted him before he died but they were never arrested nor picked by the Police.

“My husband named one of the men that he saw assaulting him before he died. We gave his name to the Police but the suspect was never arrested or picked up for questioning. Now he is threatening anyone from the family who dares go back to the Police to follow up on the murder case.

“I have lost confidence in the Police, they have let us down. I am very sure that the cops involved in the investigations took bribes,” said Chifamba.

She said the incident happened after a land dispute between her husband and members of Dzehonye family.

Efforts to get a comment from the Dzehonye family were futile. A few days after the dispute, a man came knocking on Chinembiri’s door at night asking for directions.

Chinembiri was hit with a heavy object on the leg as soon as he came out of the house and he fell to the ground before three other men came out and started hitting him with logs and fists.

Chifamba said she tried to shout out for help but one of the men threatened to kill her and she kept quiet watching her husband being attacked.

Her daughter who was sleeping in the other hut came out after hearing the noise and she was also threatened after she tried to cry for help.

“The attackers disappeared into the night after noticing that the deceased was quiet. Chinembiri died before he was taken to hospital. Before he died, he said he wanted to be buried at the homestead of one of his alleged attackers,” said Chifamba.

Police took the body for post mortem and also took some statements of the murder. “We never heard from the Police since the day they took the statements. They just disappeared.

“All we want is justice. We will never stop to demand it. It is now two years since my husband was killed and not a single suspect was arrested.

“We are ready to avail ourselves for investigations,” said Chifamba.

Elasto Chinembiri, a son to the deceased said his family is now living in fear of the suspected murderers. Masvingo Mirror


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