Friday 12 February 2021


 DURBAN couple Garth and Loraine Jones, who have been married for 55 years, feel especially blessed to celebrate another Valentine’s Day on Sunday after they both had to battle Covid-19 just over a month ago.

Loraine, 76, and Garth, 84, who stay at Tafta Park in Bellair, said they contracted the virus a week into the new year. They said with the help of The Association for the Aged (Tafta) and their doctor they were able to recover.

“Apart from feeling terribly ill with body pains and completely fatigued where I couldn’t even hold a cup of tea, we’ve got through the isolation, incubation period and were given the green light a week ago. I was lucky that my husband was asymptomatic and could care for me,” Loraine said.

The couple have a daughter, who recently relocated with their granddaughter to Norway, whom they missed immensely during the lockdown. They attributed their happiness and everlasting love to respect and providing space for each other.

“We’ve had a happy and strong relationship over the years. I think you just have to respect each other as individuals. Do as much together but also give each other space to grow and follow their passion and hobbies.

“The thing is young people today expect so much from their partners and demand too much of each other. It’s nice if you can enjoy the same things but imagine if your partner loves golf or playing cards or another game or gardening and you hate it? You have to give and take, that’s what makes a marriage work!” Lorraine added.

After having Covid-19, the feisty gran recalled having a glass of wine and being horrified thinking her dear husband had played a trick on her because it tasted like salty water due to her loss of the sense of taste. They still enjoy a romantic day out and will be extra cautious when spending Valentine’s Day out at a restaurant for a meal this Sunday.

Meanwhile, Tafta has appealed to the public to support its Love is Life campaign to sponsor a Covid Care kit filled with essentials to assist elders in isolation and quarantine, as well as front line staff who have been caring tirelessly for elders.

“With these kits we hope to equip every Tafta elder and carer with the right tools to fight against both physical and emotional consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Visit, email [email protected] or call Prevashni Naidu on 031 332 3721 for more information.


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