Wednesday 17 February 2021


The regional and local arts practitioners who include creatives, musicians, promoters, choreographers, models and producers among others are mourning the death of talented award winning Zimdancehall singer Soul Musaka affectionately known as Soul Jah Love in the music industry.

Soul Jah Love died last night upon arrival at Mbuya Dorcas Hospital. According to a doctor’s report he had no pulse upon admission and his sugar level was high. The family is currently waiting for post mortem to reveal the actual cause of death.

He was 31. Below are some of the condolence messages by different personalities:

Alick Macheso: Tose takamirira nguva huye rufu kutonga kwaShe asi tarwadziwa. Famba zvakanka Soul Jah Love. Kurarama inyasha. Mwari anyaradze hama, vadikanwi nenyika yose yeZimbabwe. #zororramurugare.

Jah Prayzah: Chibaba matisiya. I still cannot believe it, but who are we to reverse it. You always had a way to make everyone laugh, even when we least expected a joke from anyone, you would pull up. This was just how talented you where, your name should be mentioned well up there amongst the greats as one of the most talented artists Zimbabwe ever had.

I remember you asked me if we could do a song three different times and on all occasions my answer was the same; “Who in his right mind would not want to do a song with Soul Jah Love”. You stood me up at the studio on all 3 occasions and somehow I don’t know how I still find that funny. The last time we met you said “this time ndakuuya zvemashuwa”.

There will be no replacement for you. Rest In Peace my brother, seems like the years were too short but the music you gave us is enough to last a life time.

Videographer Stewart Nyamayaro: It’s sad for the whole PJ Records, his death was untimely as we never knew it could get this far. He made his last days memorable and has been working on an album. You could tell how committed to music he was. We have lost a great team member not only as Passion Java Records but the whole music fraternity, we would like to send our deepest condolences to his family and fans. His legacy will leave on you can tell how much he was loved, he was loved, a national treasure. Mhsrip. Winky D: Dear Sauro… since it is so, now excruciating pain our fate we should all acknowledge and embrace. Since it is written and ought to be, my grieving heart still rises in pain pride and gratitude at your contributions to the musical narrative. Not recognizing you in in the Zimdancehall story shall remain a travesty. You travelled all musical thorny paths, even more, you conquered in your distinct way. No musical heart ever conceived it dared to try your lyrical path. We won’t take back the hope you have to the youths and we shall forever cherish the memories. Rest in strong dancehall riddims Brethren.

Businessman Carl Magwaza: I’m one who rarely posts about people’s death on my timeline because I believe it’s a moment for people to be comforted and not reminded which mounts a lot of sadness on peeps…

So this guy comes to my Hatfield shop one Saturday morning in his BMW shirtless and says Chibaba I’ve seen your hustle around and haa murikurira , I laughed it away and he says he is behind me and will do something for the brand. He later returned looking for me and had a small altercation with one of my guys when he got to the shop. Hanzi he was like I’m looking for Mdara we “ka shop” Kanaka. My guy was like no hakasi “Ka Shop” “zi shop” and in his response he was like shaaa ndoda Kuona mdara Carling Not mese imimi. Rude huh… He got a hold of me later and gave me what he called the master plan…

As short a time as it is that I’ve known the guy he always respected me and my hustle and I tear with the rest of Zimbabwe and the world for such a loss we have in our midst. He did well for himself and us and I celebrate what he achieved.

Pilot Chipo Matimba: RIP Sau. You have joined your twin brother now. Churchill road, Prospect should be named after you.

Alexander Rusero: Soul Jah Love- a delicate balnce of exceptional talent and recklessness in equal measure… still enough respect. MHSRIP!

Kuchinei Chitsama: Funny how I just had a flash of all happy days with “Ndini Uya Uya” at Pariah. (Rumbi Mudariki and Cleo Rue Tazz) and Pamamonya Ipapo at old motor action with old friends . I mean hey it’s so sad that Sauro is dead, well his relatives should know that he did put a lot of fun and happiness with his music, not many people die and bring out good memories in people.

Mambokadzi wekwaMasarira: SoulJahLove rose into fame at a time I was struggling to make ends meet, employed by the National Railways of Zimbawe which was not paying workers on time. His music resonated with the circumstances I was in. Every time he released a single or an album, it touched me.

Today after hearing of his death, I found myself shedding tears, tears of hurt and of realizing how I failed to appreciate him nekumupa sando dzake achirikurarama.

His life was an inspiration to zvigunduru zvakawanda who realized that you can become whoever you want to be in life if you use your talent wisely. He was an inspiration to the ghetto youth as he showed them that hard work, creativity and perseverance can build one an international brand.

#Chibaba had a rare, unique talent fused with wisdom. All his songs had deep meaning and made anyway introspect on certain aspects of life. Makuruwani used rich language to express himself and inspire his generation. Zimbabwe has indeed lost one of its finest #ZimDancehall artists.

Sauro #SouljahLove #Chibaba #Makuruwani #Chigunduru may your dear soul rest in eternal peace. If there is a space kwamunosangana ikoko I hope uri pakati pemamonya ipapo. Ndarwadziwa zvangu. We will forever remember and cherish you our Zimdancehall legend and ghetto youths Ambassador.#ripsouljahlove

Hope Masike: Mwana waStembeni! Basa wakabata hako zororra murugare.

Sulu Chimbetu: Saddened to hear of Soul Jah Love’s untimely death. Painful news this is. My sincere condolences to his family, the music fraternity and the generality of Zimbabwean music lovers. May his soul rest in peace. Herald


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