Saturday 13 February 2021


President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Saturday described late national hero, Retired Lieutenant General Douglas Nyikayaramba (61) as a dedicated patriot who selflessly served the nation from the time he was a teenager until death.

Nyikayaramba, who retired from the army in 2019, and was now serving as the country’s ambassador to Mozambique, succumbed to Covid-19 complications on Tuesday.

He becomes the fifth national hero to be interred at the national shrine in less than a month after succumbing to the ravaging pandemic which has to date killed nearly 1 400 people in the country and infected over 35 000 others.

“Our national hero leaves behind a legacy of humility, servant leadership and patriotism,” President Mnangagwa said at the burial.

Born 9 January 1960, Nyikayaramba joined the country’s liberation struggle in the late 70s and was attested into the army in 1980.

Because of his acumen, he rose through the ranks in the military, taking up various leading positions including leading a civilian operation, the Command Agriculture programme, which was aimed at boosting the country food security.

He removed his army fatigues to join diplomacy in 2019, when he was appointed the country’s Ambassador to Mozambique, a role he was still playing till his death.

President Mnangagwa said the war against Covid-19 was far from over, and the death of each Zimbabwean to the pandemic was a grim reminder that it “is real and a danger to our nation.”

He said vaccination, which is due to start next week, was one of the best solutions to curtail the deadly effects of the pandemic, while lauding China, Russia, India and United Kingdom for extending support on accessing vaccines.

While the country remains under illegal western sanctions, President Mnangagwa said it was imperative upon every Zimbabwean to work hard, in unity for the country to overcome their effects.

“We have enough resources in our country, we have several nations of goodwill to partner. Above all, we have the will and determination to succeed,” he said.

“Various indicators are pointing towards recovery and growth. We must stay on course and focus on our effort until we defeat these sanctions.”

He urged citizens to resist being used by the country detractors “as willing tools by those advancing myopic, narrow and alien agendas bent to slow down and reserve the gains of our independence.”

Nyikayaramba leaves behind widow, Elina and eight children as well as grandchildren,

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