Thursday 4 February 2021


A Bulawayo man has been arrested for allegedly defiling three minor girls including his sister after he tied each girl’s hands and legs with a shoelace and placed them on his bed where he took turns to rape them.

It is reported that the 24-year-old alleged rapist from West Somerton suburb invited the three minor girls who were playing outside his house into his room claiming he wanted to give them sweets.

Following his arrest, it also emerged that he had been bedding one of the girls aged 12, who is also his neighbour, since 2017 when she was eight-years-old.

Allegations against the accused are that the girls were playing outside his house when he called them to his room saying he wanted to give them sweets.

It is reported that the seemingly unsuspicious girls rushed to enter his room as he always gives them sweets whenever he called them to his room.

It is alleged that when the three minor girls entered his room, he immediately locked the door and took three t-shirts from his wardrobe and placed them on his bed. It is further alleged that he then tied each victims’ hands and legs with shoelaces. To stop them from screaming for help he is said to have covered their mouths with the t-shirts.

After he tied them tightly, he then commanded the minor girls to lie on the bed facing upwards. He then stripped them naked before he allegedly raped them one by one.

The matter however, came to light on 20 December 2020, after one of the girls, who had been sexually abused since 2017, reported the matter to her sister.

This was after the accused on the day in question forcibly dragged the girl into his room where he later tried to strip her naked while threatening to stab her with a kitchen knife.

The minor girl reportedly screamed attracting the attention of her sister who quickly came to the accused’s room and found him struggling to remove her underwear. He reportedly bolted out of the room and fled.

The matter was reported to the police leading to the arrest of the alleged rapist.

Following his arrest, it was also discovered that sometime in 2019 when she was 10-years-old, the accused sexually abused her after she was sent by her grandmother to call him so that he can drive her to the clinic.

When she arrived at his room, the accused is alleged to have forcibly pushed the girl into his room and raped her once.

The alleged rapist, who was not asked to plead to three counts of rape and one charge of indecent assault, is languishing in remand prison after Bulawayo magistrate Stephen Ndhlovu remanded him in custody to 8 March 2021. B Metro


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