Saturday 13 February 2021


A BULAWAYO man hanged himself on Tuesday over mounting debts which he claimed in his suicide note had sunk him into abject poverty.

Provincial police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube yesterday confirmed the death of Collin Jere (42).

“We are investigating a case of sudden death which occurred on Tuesday in Waterford,” Ncube said.

“The now-deceased Collin Jere (42) was an employee at TV Sales & Hire. Circumstances are that on February 9, Jere was with his wife aged 39 at their home at Waterford when he went out of the house to get fresh air.”

Ncube said Jere’s wife made a report to police after her husband failed to return home and a search was conducted. He was later found hanging from a tree with an armoured cable in the neighbourhood the following day.

A report was made to police who attended the scene and recovered the suicide note. “I regret doing this but I am overwhelmed with debts which are beyond me,” part of the note read.

“I have caused unexplainable pain to my wife, kids and relatives. “I have sunk beyond retrieval. For everybody who is going to be affected by this, my sincere apologies. I am too weak to handle the pressure. I have caused too much pain to my landlord. I am out, C Jere.” Newsday


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