Monday 15 February 2021


CONVICTED Robert Martin Gumbura was on Friday in a jovial mood soon after attending a peace education programme meant to benefit inmates who spend the better part of their sentences indoors.

Gumbura, who was among the 24 participants of the programme, hailed the words of the late Vice President John Landa Nkomo when he said ‘peace begins with me, peace begins with you and peace begins with us’.

Participants included prison officers, inmates sentenced to death, life in prison and those serving more than 20 years and classified as dangerous inmates in Class D.

“This programme is very important in the sense that it transforms one’s life from within, healing the soul and preparing one to join the society upon release,” said Gumbura.

“You become a tree of life and give fruits of peace and live peacefully in communities.

“The late Vice President once spoke about this when he said peace begins with me, peace begins with you and peace begins with us and this programme is now building on that and I am happy about it,” said Gumbura.

Gumbura was convicted of four counts of rape and one of possession of pornographic material and sentenced to 40 years.

One of the rehabilitation officers among the participants, Chief Correctional Officer Constance Charehwa said the program helped her a lot since her job involves handling inmates classified as dangerous criminals.

“We have moved from punitive to correctional measures in an effort to prepare inmates to be accepted back in the society,” said Charehwa.

“It takes energy, time and sound mind to handle inmates who come here denying their cases although convicted and this demands cleaning of the mind daily.

“One of the inmates regretted the years he spent at remand prison while denying his case and if he had not wasted the court’s time he could have served his sentence and released.

“Peace begins by being honest with your life, giving your life to God and accepting every situation you come across.

“As for me peace education is cleaning my mind, keeping me above hard criminals and teaching me to interact with these inmates in a peaceful manner and I need the same peace after work,” said Charehwa. H Metro


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