Wednesday 24 February 2021


THERE was drama at Chief Nyamukoho’s funeral in Mutoko on Monday after some of his children refused to set foot at their father’s homestead due to a feud over the late traditional leader’s estate.

Chief Nyamukoho, born Samson Mapereke Katsande, died last aged 81. He had reportedly suffered from dementia for a long time, an ailment which resulted in his son, Rukariro taking over his duties.

Highly-placed sources said Chief Nyamukoho’s grown up children refused to attend the funeral wake due to a severed relationship with their stepmother.

“The children refused to be part of the funeral, citing a number of reasons and making numerous accusations against their stepmother,” a source said.

“The chief’s children said they were served with a protection order by their stepmother, hence they feared to be arrested if they set foot at the funeral. However, this is just part of the estate wrangle. It is a pity that these children have proved to behave like this,” another source said.

After their father’s condition deteriorated, his children reportedly tried to elbow out their stepmother as the estate wrangle began. The fight saw the children approaching the courts where one Motsi Munyoro was appointed the curator to the late Chief Nyamukoho’s estate.

The estate wrangle resulted in Chief Nyamukoho and his wife becoming paupers despite that they owned vast properties across Zimbabwe.

The traditional leader’s widow had to seek a protection order against the acting chief, accusing him of perpetrating verbal attacks on her.

The deceased owned a number of buildings in Murewa, Mutoko, Harare, Marondera among other areas.

Some of his children are based in the United Kingdom where he also stayed before returning home to claim the chieftaincy.

During his stint as a traditional leader, Chief Nyamukoho became a senator for years before he was retired due to illness.

Efforts to get a comment from his disgruntled children were fruitless. His burial was set to be conducted last night as per tradition. Newsday


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