Friday 12 February 2021


National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) leader and constitutional law expert Professor Lovemore Madhuku has said the provision for authentic political dialogue is only through the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD).

He dismissed manoeuvres by churches and other pressure groups fronting the interest of the MDC-Alliance to dialogue with President Mnangagwa outside POLAD.

Prof Madhuku, who is also a member of the political actors’ caucus, said this during a press conference yesterday.

“Regarding political dialogue, our position as NCA is that, if you are a political party go to POLAD. POLAD is the only platform for political actors,” said Prof Madhuku.

“If you want to go and negotiate for power and so forth there is no place for that in this country. This country is not partitioned between two political parties.”

Prof Madhuku said other groups such as churches that are not political can be entertained in other structures set by President Mnangagwa.

“But if you are not a political actor like a political party, we support an all-stakeholders’ platform, where we can have continuous discussion, but that relates to those who are not political parties,” said Prof Madhuku. Herald


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