Thursday 28 January 2021


A HARARE woman has dumped her poor husband for a financially stable man.

Margaret Tapfumaneyi (30) left her Chitungwiza home in October last year presumably for a family meeting at her parents’ house in Dzivaresekwa only to return and collect her belongings in the company of her aunt on December 31.

Her husband, Daisy Rusare (35) said prior to Margaret’s “eloping”, he had intercepted WhatsApp communication between his wife and a man called Joseph Kuvamudiki where the two were planning to marry.

H-Metro is in possession of chats between the two lovebirds which were intercepted by Daisy where there were plans to go and see an aunt and church elders to bless the new union.

“My wife left home on October 13 last year for a family function and only returned on December 31 in the company of her aunt to take her belongings.

“Her family blessed her love affair with another man who seemed financially stable.

“I had lived with the woman for a year and last year I came across chats between Joseph and her. ­That is when her attitude started changing and she subsequently left me for Joseph,” said Daisy.

He said his in-laws had told him that he had not paid bride price and that is why they were letting Margaret get married to another man.

“I only paid a token so that they know that I was staying with their daughter as I prepared to pay lobola.

“But because I am poor, they let her go to another man,” Daisy said. Joseph confirmed the relationship saying he had wanted to engage Daisy over the issue after it was unearthed, but they had never met as they would only speak over the phone.

He said Margaret had never told him of her marriage, although the two’s WhatsApp messages suggest otherwise.

“Maggy only told me of her separation with her husband in December. We had not met, but we were still chatting on WhatsApp when all this happened. We were about to fall in love,” said Joseph.

Margaret could not be reached for comment as her mother said she had gone out and several attempts to call her were fruitless as the phone went unanswered.

Her mother had no kind words for Daisy, saying while she was not involved in the two’s separation, her son-in-law had paid RTGS$5 as a token that Daisy was staying with her daughter.

“Akabvisa marii? He wants to tarnish my image. Akabvisa 5 bond tsvakirai kuno uyo. At least he should have made efforts to marry her,” said the mother.

Below are some of the messages between Margaret and Joseph:

[12/08/2020, 13:39] 0771.: hi hun

[12/08/2020, 13:40] 0775.: hes bae

[12/08/2020, 13:40] 0775.: ko murume wako haazojamuke here akaona ma chats edu

[12/08/2020, 13:40] 0771.: haamboaone fone ndakaisa password plus akaaona akajamuka tobva tangorambana then tochidana.ambhuya vako vanoda kukuona futi

[12/08/2020, 13:41] 0771.: tobva tazoenda kuma intro kwa tete vangu ku mt hampden [12/08/2020, 13:41] 0775.: ok love


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