Tuesday 19 January 2021


A pastor and a law officer have been blamed for wrecking a Masvingo couple’s marriage.

Privilege Muvhimwa has been accused of bedding three other men — pastor James Mazhara, a former senior police officer and an engineer from Mutare.

Her husband, Justice Nyevhe, sensationally claimed this after coming across chats in Muvhimwa’s phone.

Nyevhe discovered photographs and WhatsApp love messages coming to the conclusion that his wife was bedding three other men.

Muvhimwa confirmed her differences with her erstwhile husband. She feels he is a jilted lover who wanted to expose her shenanigans so as to lure her back. Nyevhe showed H-Metro love messages between him and pastor Mazhara where the latter admitted to having unprotected sex with Muvhimwa.

“I discovered that my wife had been bedding three men that included a former senior police officer, pastor James Mazhara and an engineer,” said Nyevhe.

“It affected me so much that I have decided to separate with her and I am worried and emotionally spent considering that there are sexually transmitted diseases which I once contracted.

“I have since confronted the three men and showed them their love messages with my wife,” said Nyevhe.

One of the messages between Nyevhe and pastor Mazhara reads; “I have been with her since the time yaurikunzi wakadanana namaid wekumba kwavo kuChitungwiza. Apa ndaitonzi ndiri kuda mwana.”

Nyevhe went on to show pastor Mazhara’s wife, Linder Mazhara, the love messages between Muvhimwa and her husband.

Linder played down the issue arguing that they were edited. “Nyevhe came to us and showed us some photographs of my husband and Muvhimwa and some WhatsApp love messages,” said Mazhara.

“My husband defended himself saying the messages were edited and I do not know how true it was, but he did not deny posing for some photographs with Muvhimwa,” she said.

Mazhara, who is currently in South Africa, denied being seduced or sexually attracted to Muvhimwa saying their relationship was on counselling and not sex sessions.

“I came to know Muvhimwa when I led a financial pyramid ‘Crowd’ in Masvingo and we worked together and she ended up sharing with me her issues with Nyevhe,” said Mazhara.

“The messages shown to you were edited. I never said that to him and never had sex with Muvhimwa. That man is so abusive.

“I will take action against him because he is spreading lies and he even approached my wife about this issue,” said Mazhara.  

Muvhimwa described Nyevhe as abusive and jealous saying he wanted to ruin her life after their separation. “Ndakagara nemurume uyu makore maviri iri on and off, but as we speak he is yet to pay lobola to my parents,” said Muvhimwa.




“I lost affection with him the day I discovered that he was in an affair with my parents’ maid and I shared this with pastor Mazhara.

“Crowd came to Masvingo during that time and the person who invited me was pastor Mazhara. I want to believe that pastor Mazhara developed interest in me, but I never fell in love with him.

“I joined Crowd and we started preparing for and doing presentations to recruit more people. We became good friends and when Nyevhe and I had arguments, at times pastor Mazhara would be around and began to counsel me on some of the issues.

“We spent a lot of time together as a result till I had to go to college in Bulawayo. It is true that pastor Mazhara sent some messages to Nyevhe and to me he would say he wanted to provoke him and these are the messages turning against him.

“My family has suffered. I have suffered at the hands of Nyevhe and he went on to post nude photographs he took of me during our trips and posted them to my workmates, friends and classmates.

“Everywhere I go for workshops or meetings I see pitying glances from colleagues. I have juniors in my office who were gifted the nudes. I couldn’t go for the last block as I knew he’d be there waiting for me.

“I am scared to even flirt as the guys get threatening calls after being investigated because he hacked my WhatsApp,” said Muvhimwa.

Two other men implicated could not be reached for comment. H Metro


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