Friday 8 January 2021


ALICK Macheso’s handlers say they will thoroughly observe the Covid-19 restrictions to save lives.

The sungura ace’s top brass said they will also stay indoors and shun unnecessary movements to ensure they don’t have a brush with law.

“The new year started on a bad note since we lost some of the influential people in the industry like mdara Dondo, Sekuru Mahendere among others. To their families, we are praying that they get comfort from the Lord.

“Back to us the players in the creative sector, we are grounded again due to the lockdown restrictions.

“We will continue adhering to the rules to save lives and make sure we don’t breach laws of the land,” said Macheso’s publicist   and most trusted lieutenant, Tich Makahamadze.

The Orchestra Mberikwazvo spokesperson said they will utilise the lockdown to put final touches on their forth-coming album.

“Of course we will try by all means to adhere to the Covid-19 restrictions but we won’t be lying idle at home.

“We will fully utilise this opportunity to put final touches on the album that fans have been waiting for over the couple of months.

“Last year we gave them a teaser when we released the single Zuro Ndizuro which is still doing well on the market.

“There are also plans to record a number of videos of our previous songs but we will be guided by the health authorities and Government.

“Overall, we are missing our fans a lot and we will try by all means to engage them via social media since they remain critical to us,” he said.

On suspended shows, Makahamadze added: “We will only resume live shows when the authorities permits us but at the moment we won’t hold shows.

“We also urge fellow artists to adhere to what the authorities to ensure that we don’t get ourselves in trouble.

“It’s not only about respecting authorities but life matters a lot and it our responsibility.” H Metro




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