Thursday 21 January 2021


 A 22-year-old man got the shock of his life after he woke up stark naked at his friend’s place with semen on his stomach and his manhood in pain.

The 22-year-old man cannot be named for ethical reasons. It is said Tinashe Chafachaipa (38) of Mpopoma high suburb invited the 22-year-old man, who happens to be his friend, to his place for a booze.

The two friends took down the wise waters from 9AM at Tinashe’s place. After some hours the strong drink got the better of the unnamed man as he felt woozy. He then fell asleep on the chair he was sitting on.

He was shocked to wake up stark naked while sleeping on Tinashe’s bed, the court heard.

Tinashe was not at home. He dashed to his place for a quick bath and was shaken to find semen stains on his stomach while his manhood felt very painful.

The court heard that after bathing he returned to Tinashe’s place and found him there and asked him whether they were joined by ladies during their beer binge, but his friend said they were not.

The response triggered suspicion, the aggravated indecent assault victim asked whether they had had anal sex and Tinashe strongly denied the suspicion. Seeing that his friend was not convinced, Tinashe confessed that he had penetrated his friend.

The pair agreed to go for HIV testing, they both tested negative, the court heard. Last week on Wednesday the 22-year-old man reported the matter at Western commonage police station leading to the arrest of Tinashe.

He was referred to Mpilo Central Hospital for medical examination and was treated and discharged.

Tinashe appeared before Western Commonage court magistrate Jechonia Ncube facing aggravated indecent assault charge.  

He was not asked to plead and was remanded in custody to 23 February. Thembeni Mpofu represented the state. B Metro


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