Saturday 23 January 2021


The COVID-19 situation in the country is worrisome and threatens to become dire, but there’s hope in rising recovery rates.

We will spare no effort, spare no resource to save the lives of Zimbabweans. We will spare no resource to save our frontline workers, who have been the heroes in the pandemic. Help is on its way. The health workers will receive the vaccine first, once it arrives.

COVID-19 is affecting everyone in the country, regardless of social standing, political affiliation, race or ethnicity.

We're united in grief...there are no spectators, no adjudicators, no holier than thou, no superman or superwoman...we're all affected.

We must mask up, wearing our masks properly, making sure we cover our mouth and nose, stay at home as much as we can, practice strict hygiene, social distancing, and not attend private parties and gatherings.

The security forces are ready to tighten the lockdown if need be.On the ground, the lockdown is holding, with more and more Zimbabweans voluntarily taking measures that are necessary to protect themselves, their families, their friends and their fellow countrymen and countrywomen.

Our experts who have been assessing different vaccines are very close to finalising the course to recommend to our nation.


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