Tuesday 5 January 2021



TRUCKING companies diverting their vehicles from the Groblersbrug border in Botswana to Beitbridge are among the reasons for congestion at the crossing between South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Long-winding queues at the Beitbridge Border were reported, especially around the week of Christmas, during which at least four truck drivers died of dehydration.

SA Home Affairs minister Aaron Motsoaledi has said Botswana introduced tight lockdown regulations and a strict curfew to protect its citizens from the ravages of Covid-19, and many trucking companies found it unprofitable to cross into the region through Botswana.

He said usually at this time of the year, Groblersbrug was used as an overflow area when Beitbridge could not cope with the number of trucks.

“Trucking companies diverted their trucks away from Groblersbrug to Beitbridge because they did not accept the waiting times imposed by the Covid-19 protocols in Botswana. “In December 2019, 6 706 trucks went through Groblersbrug.

“By December 27, 2020, only 2 968 trucks had gone through Groblersbrug. This means only 45 percent of the total number of truck processed last year went through Groblersbrug.

“In contrast, 19 800 trucks went through Beitbridge in December 2019, compared to 21 800 by December 27, 2020.

“A simple analysis will show that Groblersbrug had 3 738 fewer trucks this year compared to 2019, hence the congestion,” he said. — News24


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