Friday 4 December 2020


 IT HAS emerged that imposters are abusing the name of former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor, Gideon Gono, to scam unsuspecting people.

 Gono told the Daily News yesterday that a number of people had been duped into releasing huge sums of money into a fraudulent account in South Africa — adding that he had “absolutely nothing to do with this scam”.

“It has come to my sad attention and family that there are imposters going around posing as me and asking, especially high-profile monied individuals suspected to be my friends to ‘assist’ with money payable to a nominated account in South Africa.

“Very unfortunately, a few people — some of whom I have never met and do not even know — have been duped into releasing huge sums of money, only to find out soon after that the voice on the other line was fake.

“I wish to inform the public that I have never begged for money from friends and associates, or from anyone for that matter, as being perpetrated by this fraudster.“Please report any such approaches to the nearest police station to ensure that the culprits are apprehended swiftly,” Gono told the Daily News.

He said one of the numbers that was currently being used by the imposters was a South African one — +27 718 396 569, with a photoshopped profile picture of the retired former RBZ governor that was taken a decade ago.

The local number currently being used was +263 788 669 246, with “one funny photoshopped profile pic of our chicken business premises”.

“The local guy impersonates my first born son, Passion Peter. This ‘Governor’ imposter ends all conversations invoking both the word and name of God, to disguise his real evil standing in society,” Gono said further.

The matter had been reported to Borrowdale Police Station, and was now being investigated by the CID under ZRP Docket Ref 4597277.

*Anyone with information that can lead to the apprehension of the culprits, or who has fallen victim to the fraudsters should contact Inspector Chiripanyanga of Borrowdale on 0772 659 247, or Assistant Inspector Seda on 0772 923 981, or Detective Constable Davison on 0778 701 644, or Detective Constable Chengeta on 0771 644 533, or Detective Constable Maronga on 0775 076 793. Daily News


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