Wednesday 23 December 2020


A Buhera man, William Mwenga, claiming to be 132 years old says death has ‘forgotten’ him.

Although there was no birth record to corroborate his claims, Sekuru Mwenga says he was born in June of 1888.

Speaking to H-Metro at one of his children’s residence in Chitungwiza’s St Marys, Sekuru Mwenga said he is grateful for long life.

His daughter, Alice Karimazondo, said Sekuru Mwenga no longer remembers dates and years in particular but can just narrate events.

“He can explain events vividly like he just did whilst you were listening. He has seen wars and always share events that happened before 1st Chimurenga. The only challenge is he cannot give historical dates.

“Sekuru Mwenga needs assistance in any way possible from those who can or responsible authorities,” said the 67-year-old Alice.

Sekuru Mwenga said: “I was married to three wives. I have nine children from my first two wives. Unfortunately, the third marriage did not yield any children.

“I lost all my wives and some of my children. Some of my children are still alive and the one here is a testimony you can see.

“All my siblings also died. Death has forgotten me. I’ve seen it ravage my loved ones,” said Sekuru Mwenga. He said he has lost count of his grandchildren.

“As of grandchildren, I don’t know how many of them as over the years, each generation comes introducing them to me but I have lost count,” he said.

Sekuru Mwenga resides in Mukuruwa Village under Chief Nyashanu with one of his grandchildren, who is now married with two sons, and is not able to take care of his needs.

Sekuru Mwenga bemoaned lack of assistance to the elderly from civil organisations,

“Where I live there are no longer people as old as me. It leaves me isolated and alone. Unlike the past when I used to do my farming alone I can’t do more.

“I’ve lost my big herd of cattle, which I used to have and I am only left with two. “I wish the government would take care of people like me because I am no longer able. I am a high blood pressure patient and it’s not always I can afford to buy my medications.

“Before I fall sick and came here to Harare to see the doctor. The road that leads to my home was worked on as Chief Nyashanu was intending to visit me. The visit is still pending and hopes when I return the Chief will still find his way to my household.

On his secret to long life, Sekuru Mwenga could not tell but said he never drank alcohol his entire life.

“Secret to long life, I don’t know. I don’t remember doing anything prescribed to long life. I was just responsible with my life which I assume many people do but I never drank beer. Growing up I would even vomit if I just sleep or share a room with a drunk person.

“Sometimes I feel it’s more of a gift from the Lord as many wars came and I was spared. The worst of all was that one of madzviti. I was still young but I know the scenes were horrific. It was worse than anything I can remember or ever witnessed,” said Sekuru Mwenga. H Metro


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