Thursday 24 December 2020


A Bulawayo police officer who runs a pool table business at Pumula North high density suburb shops lost four teeth after he was hit on the mouth with a rock by his employee for terminating his contract.

Albert Matangaidze not only deprived his boss, Constable Luke Mafunda, of his teeth, but he stabbed him in the stomach, for firing him.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident: “I can confirm that we arrested Albert Matangaidze for assaulting and stabbing Luke Mafunda. We urge members of the public to desist from engaging in any act of violence.”

Clifford Phiri who witnessed the incident unfold on Monday at around 09:30PM said Mafunda fired Matangaidze and hired another man and this did not go down well with Matangaidze.

“Matangaidze was visibly drunk as he confronted his boss accusing him of terminating his contract without informing him or stating the reasons which led him to do so. Mafunda told him that he felt he was doing him a disservice as he was not managing his snooker well resulting in him making losses,” said Phiri.

It seems that stoked Matangaidze’s anger as he broke a beer bottle and used it as a weapon on Mafunda.

“He charged at Mafunda, saying you can’t do this to me and stabbed him in the stomach. Mafunda fell on the ground. While he was writhing in agony on the ground, Matangaidze reached for a rock and hit him several times on the head and mouth causing him to lose four teeth,” said Phiri.

A source close to investigations said Mafunda was rushed to hospital for treatment. Matangaidze was reported to the police leading to his arrest. B Metro


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