Sunday 1 November 2020


MDC Alliance vice-chairperson Job Sikhala says Zimbabwe has reached a tipping point, warning President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government not to take boiling discontent against its leadership lightly.

Sikhala, who was recently detained for over 40 days for playing a leading role in organising the July 31 protests against corruption that were crushed by security forces, said a heavy-handed response to dissent would not forestall an uprising.

“Zimbabwe has reached the tipping point,” the Zengeza West MP told The Standard in a wide-ranging interview. “If you don’t see a looming implosion, you must be living in a different world.

“Zimbabwe is pregnant with a revolution and delivery and birth is imminent.” Sikhala was, alongside Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume, the voice of the 31st July Movement that spearheaded the protests.

The government justified the crackdown against the movement’s leaders saying they were sponsored by western countries to topple Mnangagwa.

Sikhala said the movement remained active and he would continue pushing its agenda. “The 31st July Movement remains a citizen platform to air their grievances,” he said.

“It is a convergence platform of diverse characters representing different constituency groups. It is owned by citizens. It will continue to spearhead the cries of our people. It will continue calling for action to make the voices of our people from diverse constituencies heard.

“It will spearhead more collective citizen actions in the future. It will not rest until the voice of the people is heard. Watch its rapid strategy in motion that is in store by the citizens.”

The former student leader dismissed allegations by MDC-T spokesperson Khaliphani Phugeni that he was about to join Thokozani Khupe’s camp. “I think it’s taking me and the people of Zimbabwe for granted. I am not a hater,” Sikhala said.

“I smile to everyone, but don’t spite my smile with false claims as it is in my nature. I remain the vice-chairman of the MDC Alliance and the spokesperson of the broad citizens’ movement, the 31st of July Movement.”

He added: “What I despise is the Zanu PF regime and everything related to it. I witnessed several splits in the MDC over years. They are no longer interesting adventures for me because they never advanced the goals of our liberation.”

He denied reports of splits in the MDC Alliance, saying the party led by Nelson Chamisa remained united.  Fissures only exist in the figment of those, who form such illusions and believe them,” Sikhala said.

“You cannot stop enemies of progress to wish bad to us, when truth on the ground speaks differently.

“There is loyalty and faith as to the leadership elected at the Gweru congress.” Standard


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