Friday 27 November 2020


A HARARE resident is contesting the demolition of his Chisipite home by the City of Harare (Harare), arguing that he built it with the blessing of the local authority.

 Lucky Mutanga was recently served with a notice of demolition of his house by Harare City Council, which he now wants barred from executing the action.

Mutanga said he applied for a residential stand from Harare and completed all required processes including partaking in requisite interviews.

On December 27, last year Mutanga was selected and offered stand number 794 Grange Township, Harare, and  paid towards its purchase.

On March 25 this year, Mutanga was given a letter by the council showing the amounts he was supposed to pay before being given a site plan.

The court heard on May 22, Mutanga also got authorisation from the  Environmental Management Agency  and constructed his house with approval from the council.

“In fact, the respondent inspected the construction of the house and also approved the plan structure. “On October 12, the respondent surprisingly served me with a demolition notice in which it threatened to demolish my house, but did not say why,” Mutanga said.

Mutanga said he wrote to the council on October 20 seeking clarification, but got no response. “The respondent has no right to demolish my property which is clearly legal and which it has granted authority to put up. The respondent  cannot demolish or evict me without a court order, let alone without a just cause.

“It should be noted that the respondent has not given me the notice or chance to hear my side of the story before making a decision which will affect my rights. I will definitely suffer irreparable harm if this court fails to act and  protect my rights,” he added.

The council is yet to respond to the application. Daily News


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