Monday 16 November 2020


THE Zimbabwe Presidential and National Scholarship Office has disowned an advertisement for educational scholarships circulating on social media.

 Last week, a fake advert was circulated on social media inviting prospective applicants to apply for the  presidential scholarship scheme. It had a cellphone number through which applications were required to  send mobile money as processing fees.

Also attached was an email address allegedly from the fake presidential scholarship scheme. “The Zimbabwe Presidential and National Scholarship Office wishes to disown these adverts and advise the public that all genuine government scholarships are always placed in the public print media and public broadcaster and never on social media,” said Chris Mushowe, the executive director for the Zimbabwe Presidential and National Scholarship Office in a statement yesterday. Mushowe also advised the public that the scheme does not require prospective applicants to pay.

“Furthermore, the government of Zimbabwe does not charge prospective applicants processing fees and no funds are sent through individual… lines or individual bank accounts,” he said, adding that the genuine  government programme is done once at the beginning of the year soon after the release of Advanced Level  results. Submissions of applications are done in person and not through the email being circulated online. Daily News


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