Thursday 19 November 2020


THE Kadungure family were reportedly handed a US$5000 bill to cover expenses related to Michelle “Moana” Amuli’s funeral.

Moana was burnt beyond recognition as Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure’s Rolls Royce caught fire after hitting a tree last week on Sunday.

Kadungure family members were among the mourners who spent the better part of yesterday at Doves Funeral Parlour while Moana’s families were holed in a closed-door meeting over the collection of the body.

Kadungure family spokesperson, Darlington Kadungure, said they received a list from Moana’s mother.

“We are here to represent the Kadungure family and we have a list of what they expect us to settle for the burial of Moana,” said Kadungure.

“The list includes payment for the metal coffin they want and other things. We do not have enough of what they are expecting from us since the person who had the money (Ginimbi) perished in the same accident that claimed Moana.

“We met as a family and collected something we are sure they will accept since it does not add to what they expected us to pay.

“We are sorry about the tragedy that claimed Moana, two others and our brother Genius. We still believe this mishap robbed us important people to the four families at one time,” he said. H Metro


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