Friday 6 November 2020


A couple was shot and injured on Wednesday by four armed robbers who raided their house in Granary, Harare, and stole US$20 000 cash stashed under a mattress.

The couple was sleeping in their bedroom when the robbers forced themselves into the house, then first shot the wife in the right leg before shooting the husband in the left leg while demanding cash.

They then stole the money, which was stashed under a mattress, and on their way out, they again shot the man on the right leg.

The couple’s 17-year-old son alerted police, and they were taken to hospital for treatment and their condition is reportedly stable.

No arrests have been made and police are still investigating. Police national spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi urged people not travel with or keep large sums of cash at home.

“Police in Harare are investigating an armed robbery case which occurred on November 4, 2020. Four unidentified male adults armed with pistols broke into a couple’s house and shot the two victims on the legs.  

“They stole US$20 000 which was hidden under a mattress, and a cellphone. “The victims are currently admitted in hospital,” he said.

Many people have lost large sums of cash in the last few months to either armed robbers or thieves that broke into homes or parked vehicles. Herald


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