Wednesday 4 November 2020


A Selbourne suburb man whose Mercedes Benz was hijacked by six armed robbers who later robbed a Fawcett Security cash-in-transit van of undisclosed amount of money at the Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe (CBZ) branch in Bulawayo on Monday, is a radiographer at Mpilo Central Hospital.

Mr Samuel Simbo said he had just parked at the gate of his Selbourne Park house at about 7.20AM coming from work when the robbers pounced on him.

He said they pointed a gun at him threatening to shoot him if he dared resist before they bundled him to the backseat of his car.

The gang is now using the black Mercedes Benz, C200 (registration number AFB 0202) to commit robberies. Mr Simbo said he was lucky to be alive to tell his story.

He said he went through a series of body and mind numbing emotions as he had a gun pointed to his head while being told to keep calm by his captors.

“I thought they were going to kill me as they drove towards Kensington where they later tied my feet before dumping me,” said Mr Simbo.

After dumping Mr Simbo, the robbers drove to town where they disarmed Fawcett Security guards before driving away in the armoured cash-in-transit van with an undisclosed amount of money belonging to Zupco.

“The gang later dumped the armoured van in Woodlands and hijacked a Nissan Hardbody in Ilanda suburb which they abandoned later.

The same evening the gang robbed a gold dealer in Kezi of US$4 000 after masquerading as police officers.

Mr Simbo who said he was still traumatised, said he was very terrified as the gang drove through a bumpy road towards Kensington while pointing a gun to his head.


“I had knocked off at 7AM and I got home at around 7.20AM. When I was at the gate, I saw armed men approach my car and then they attacked me. I don’t know where they came from, but they took me and made me sit in the back seat of my car. Two of them sandwiched me. I was made to hold my head down while one of them pointed a gun to my head,” said Mr Simbo. 

He said he was told not to raise his head or look at the men’s faces.

“They said don’t raise your head, don’t look at our faces. They drove about 20km to Kensington. During this time I was very shocked but they kept telling me that all they wanted was to use my car to do something. They said: ‘You should be calm and don’t be scared, you’ll get your phone back, you’ll get your car back after we have done what we want to do,” said Mr Simbo.

He said when they got to Kensington, they tied his feet before dumping him and he was later helped by residents.

“They tied me up before dumping me. I looked for help at a school close by and people there helped me call my wife and other people.

“They came and took me and we headed straight to Hillside Police Station where I made a report. During that time at the station there were reports coming in that there was a robbery in town,” said Mr Simbo. Chronicle


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