Friday 9 October 2020


A prostitute from Inyathi, Matabeleland North province, who reportedly confiscated the bag of a sangoma containing his bones and charms after he refused to pay for her services, is reportedly now out of business after the sangoma allegedly cursed her “tools of the trade”.

The hooker, whose name has since been established as Nothando Mpala, is not only out of business but will also now live without ever experiencing the joy of good sex after it emerged that every time she tries to have sex; she bleeds profusely.

Sources close to the shocking incident said Mpala suspected she was cursed by the sangoma, Hlongwane. The sangoma had threatened to curse her as punishment for embarrassing him by allegedly relieving him of his bag containing his bones and powerful spells and magic charms that he was boasting could cure all kinds of ailments.

Hlongwane, who according to a source is known at the business centre for looking for a little pleasure each time he had money, met his fate after he hired Mpala who charged him US$10 fee for an afternoon quickie.

After sexually feeding her, Mpala reportedly later shifted goalposts and demanded US$15 claiming she had also offered him oral sex. All hell broke loose after the sangoma refused to pay the $15 he had been charged, prompting Mpala to grab his bag containing his bones and other magic charms.

In a typical revenge plot, Hlongwane is alleged to have lived true to his threats and allegedly cursed Mpala’s private parts.  

“She initially didn’t take his threat seriously until she discovered that whenever she tried to have sex with a client, she starts bleeding continuously. Now she can’t work and enjoy sex and she suspects the sangoma is responsible for all her troubles. When she confronted the sangoma he refused to entertain her saying he knows nothing about the problem. Spirited efforts by her friends to beg the sangoma to reverse the curse were in vain. It seems no man will be able to ever poke her again if the curse is not reversed,” said the source who preferred anonymity.

The source further said after Hlongwane refused to reverse the curse, Mpala probably out of shame, and in pursuit of a cure, went to Binga.

“Someone took her to Binga where she is reportedly looking for a sangoma to help her reverse the curse,” said the source. When contacted for comment, a hostile Hlongwane said he had nothing to do with Mpala’s troubles.

“I have nothing to do with her problem. Leave me alone. I am not even happy with the first story which you published in your paper. This is because what I do in private is my business and not yours, uyezwa (do you hear),” he charged before he ended the call. B Metro


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