Friday 16 October 2020


Just one more document is now required by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission to complete its case against former Health and Child Care Minister Dr Obadiah Moyo before handing over the matter to the prosecutor for trial.

Moyo is being charged for his alleged involvement in NatPharm’s unprocedural contract with Drax International LLC to supply medicines and surgical sundries, and is consequently facing criminal abuse of office charges.

Prosecutor Mr Michael Reza yesterday told the court that the Zacc investigations manager, a Mr Midzi, had told him that once this final document was secured, Moyo’s case would be ready for trial.

Mr Reza said this while responding to Moyo’s application for relaxation of his bail reporting conditions.

Moyo wanted the lifting of all reporting conditions, which compel him to report to the police three times a week, saying these visits were costly and causing him a lot of inconvenience.

Said Mr Reza: “We are opposed to the application because about two to three months ago is when the accused was placed on remand and among conditions was that he reports three times a week.

“Nothing has changed between then and now. The defence was aware, but they now say reporting conditions are costly and inconvenient, but they did not challenge it in any way.

“It is not as if they have suddenly realised that these conditions cause inconvenience. State sees no reason why that condition should be interfered with.

“Reporting conditions serve a purpose and for all we know, he is coming to court because of reporting conditions. State should be able to give a trial date on the next remand date, according to the investigating officer.”

Through his lawyer, Mr George Mhlanga, Moyo argued there were changed circumstances since the day he initially appeared in court.

He said the State had promised to conclude investigations within a short period of time, but they were still pending. Harare regional magistrate Mr Trynos Utahwashe is expected to make a ruling on October 27. Herald


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