Friday 23 October 2020


South Africa-based model, MC and comedian Oliver Keith has shown people the importance of checking on their loved ones after sharing his smash and grab ordeal in the neighbouring country that saw him twist his shoulder and left him devastated.

Posting on his Facebook page on Wednesday, Keith who is popular for his NaJesca comic character shared how three unidentified men stole some of his stuff from the front passenger’s seat while he was at a traffic light.

“An unfortunate incident happened to me near Cresta, but I’m moving past it quickly. At around 6PM on Monday, I was driving up Beyers Naudé (in Johannesburg) and upon stopping at a red light, three men appeared from nowhere, smashed my passenger window and within a flash, they had taken a few foodstuffs and sanitary pads intended for an orphanage I was driving to.

“One of the guys tried to pull me out of the vehicle, but I turned out to be a little tougher than he thought. In the process, I twisted my shoulder, but it’s nothing serious. The guys then disappeared into a nearby bush when other motorists approached to help me,” recounted Keith.

He said he has since reported the matter to police and is fortunate that he was not harmed. But, the incident seems to have affected him a great deal as he keeps having flashbacks.

“I made a report at the police station and had an X-ray shoulder taken at Netcare. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about. I’m physically and clinically well, but I keep getting flashbacks of the incident.

“Thank you to everyone who’s shown concern,” wrote Keith. He ended his post by urging people to continue checking on one another. “Please continue loving and caring for one another.” With the new way of life where people are not meeting physically regularly, it has become very important for people to check on each other through phone calls or messages. Chronicle




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