Friday 9 October 2020


 William Gondo, the man who ran away from an attack and left his girlfriend being raped in his car which was parked in a bush has won primary elections to represent Zanu PF in Mkoba Constituency by-elections.

Gondo won in the primary elections held in the Midlands city on Saturday. Three years ago Gondo took a girlfriend in a car to a bushy area to have nice time. As they were there, they were attacked by an unknown man and instead of defending a member of the fairer sex, Gondo took to his heels and ran away with his dear life.

His girlfriend was raped by the attacker as Gondo hid and peeped from somewhere in the bushes. He was the State witness in the rape case.

Observers who called The Mirror accused Zanu PF supporters of electing a coward who cannot protect women and runs away when the chips are down.

Gondo confirmed the story to The Mirror and said it was now water under the bridge since it happened three years back.

“Inyaya yakare iyo. l think it was 2016 or 2017 thereabout. You should however, remember that l helped in the arrest and conviction of the rapist. Politics is just a game maybe the thugs were following me around,” he said.

Gondo took the woman out when he was director of Booms College. Gondo is fighting to fill in the vacant post left after Thokozani Khupe withdrew MDC-A MP Amos Chibaya. Masvingo Mirror


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