Tuesday 27 October 2020


CAL VIN’S killer must be swiftly found and face the full wrath of the law as the talented musician’s death was gruesome and has left many hearts torn and robbed of a great personality.

Less than 100 metres from his home in Luveve 5, Bulawayo, the multi-award winning rapper was run over by a white Mazda Familia with no number plates.

According to witnesses, for whatever reason, Cal Vin jumped on the vehicle’s bonnet, but the driver of that car continued driving, at first slowly and then picked up speed. The driver then reportedly performed an emergency brake, throwing Cal Vin off the vehicle before driving over him. The driver did not stop after that.

Cal Vin died as a result of his injuries upon arrival at Mpilo Central Hospital. Although police have launched a manhunt for the driver of the white Mazda Familia, the community has come together and created a #JusticeforCalVin hashtag on social media where they are pleading with those with information to assist. So far, images of a damaged vehicle similar to that which has been described is being shared but it remains to be seen if police will make inroads.

Someone somewhere in Bulawayo knows the person that killed Cal Vin and robbed his much-loved two-year-old daughter — Khloe of a father who was not shy to share how proud of a dad he was.

Now Khloe will grow up without a father, something that Cal Vin never wanted for his daughter.

“I want my daughter to grow up with me around. I don’t want her not to know me. Everything else can happen between her parents, but I want her to know that daddy loves her,” said Cal Vin earlier this year as he commented about his song Ngane Yami. This track was off his album, Intwana Ka Manax that was released this year.

Cal Vin’s death has also robbed Bulawayo of their hero, someone who had the city at heart and wanted to see artistes in the city succeed.

He used his fame to draw attention to his neighbourhood of Luveve and the city’s up-and-coming artistes through countless collaborations.

“The way Cal Vin was proud of Luveve and sang so passionately about it made me want to visit the place. No two ways, he was a great ambassador for Bulawayo,” media personality MisRed said.

Showing how passionate he was about promoting the city and its talent, Cal Vin initiated a Made in Bulawayo concert a few years back, a platform he used to give some hip hop acts the much-needed spotlight to shine.

To top it off, he set up a studio and record label, Kontrol Tribe which he used to record for up-and-coming artistes such as Mawiza, GTi, Mzistozz Mfana Futhi, Luki Shiki among many others.

He did not only confine his help to his artistes, but also established ones like POY, Asaph, Tebza, T1Nda and MUSE. Asaph for example, said Cal Vin worked on two of his albums, Kingsvilla 1 and 2.

“He always gave you room to be you. You would take what you had and he would just correct here and there so that a great production is released. But he always respected people’s ideas,” said Asaph.

He said Cal Vin was a hard worker and through his wave, the city’s hip hop scene got the much-needed national attention. “Cal Vin was very important, not only to Zim hip hop but to Zimbabwe music. The nation was focused on Zim hip hop because of Cal Vin’s moves that he was making. We had someone from the region going to Harare winning Zimas, Zim hip hop awards,” said Asaph.


Another hip hop musician, Msiz’kay who was sold as a fan upon hearing Cal Vin’s break out song Bebengakholwa in 2014 said: “Cal Vin was a good friend, brother and mentor. I was a fan from the first time I heard Bebengakholwa on radio. So, when I finally got a chance to meet and work with him, it was a dream come true,” said Msiz’kay.

Cal Vin was open to working with all kinds of people as long as he felt that one’s art could add a bit of zest into a song that he was producing. At one point, he approached poet Albert Nyathi to do a poem for the song, Bulawayo.

“I was surprised when Cal Vin contacted me saying he wanted a verse for a song he was working on. I gave him the verse through a WhatsApp voice note and I was surprised that he put it on a song the next day,” said Nyathi.

The poet said the city and nation had lost a great artiste adding that those who killed him should be brought to book.

“He was such an easy-going young man. Easy to joke with. Above all, he was an amazing talent. He was easily the best hip-hopper in Zimbabwe. He had independent thinking and spoke his mind too. Silahlekelwe, I am definitely coming down (to Bulawayo) to mourn with the family and fellow artists even if it means just for two days as my programme is packed,” Nyathi said.

Cal Vin was not a regular artiste as he broke a lot of boundaries, having the likes of Cassper Nyovest and Stunner approach him for collaborations. Also, the late national hero, Oliver Mtukudzi endorsed him.

“There’s no such a thing as an up-and-coming artiste. I’ve been around for four decades and I don’t have what Cal Vin has. I can’t do what he does and he can’t do what I do,” said the late Tuku on Arthur C Evans Show on Zambezi Magic.

Whatever happens, whoever killed Cal Vin has to be brought to book and face the music as they cannot get away with hurting the whole nation by their singular act of raw wickedness.

Cal Vin’s burial has been set for Sunday with mourners gathered at number 5899, Luveve 5.  Chronicle


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