Wednesday 21 October 2020


 In a suspected corruption racket, Kariba Mayor Councillor George Masendu, several councillors and local business people have been included on a list of vulnerable people expected to benefit from the World Food Programme (WFP) cash disbursement programme.

A businessman with operations in Nyamhunga suburb whose name was on the list was removed after some alert residents raised alarm.

The programme seeks to provide relief to vulnerable households through cash disbursements of US$12 per person per month for basic food purchases.

However, people of means were included on the list where at least 10 000 people are expected to benefit. Contacted for comment, Mayor Masendu professed ignorance over the issue.

“If indeed my name is on the list, it has nothing to do with me as I have never met or interacted with any of the people who were compiling the list,” he said.

“I have two families so the name could have been forwarded by one of my wives. Otherwise I have not received anything,” he said.

Authorities are now scrutinising the list to weed out underserving people. One of the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said some of the names might have found their way onto the list because the people that were compiling it were not aware of the status of the people.

“We do not expect councillors and businessmen to be on the list because their circumstances do not fit the criteria required. This makes a mockery of the whole process,” said the official. Herald


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