Saturday 24 October 2020


A lesbian Gweru prophetess who was jailed for 11 years for sexually abusing a female client is three months pregnant, the trial Magistrate was told.

Juliet Masakanire (29), Pray Deliverance and Testimony Ministries International founder told magistrate Pathekhile Msipa that she is not only pregnant but is on HIV medication when she pleaded for a lenient sentence.

She also asked the magistrate to give her a lighter sentence because she has two of her biological children to look after.

Masakanire molested a 32-year-old member of her church who had given her a place to stay. Masakanire was convicted by the magistrate despite pleading not guilty. “I am three months pregnant, l have two minor kids at home plus ndinomwa mapiritsi saka dai dare rarega kundiendesa kujeri (I am also on ART so I plead that I be not sent to jail)“, she said.

Masakanire was however sentenced to two years in jail on count one and two combined and nine years on count three.

She will serve nine years after two were suspended on condition of good behavior. Magistrate Msipa said Masakanireas a woman of the cloth should have protected the complainant who was looking up to her as her shepherdess.

She also said that the complainant trusted the accused and believed her prophecies. Sometime in February this year Masakanire prophesied to the complainant that she was going to get married to a man called Stanley Chinyonga.

Each night since the day of the prophecy, Masakanire started to speak to the complainant in a male voice saying she was Stanley Chinyonga and wanted to marry her. The court heard that on two different occasions Masakanire woke up during the night and pretended to be Stanley before kissing and caressing the complainant.

One day she even inserted her fingers into the complainant’s private parts. She threatened the complainant against telling anyone. She said that the prophesy will not come true if the complainant told anyone about the abuses. Masvingo Mirror


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