Thursday 22 October 2020


Some 150 workers at Diamond Cement, a Chinese run company near Kwekwe have allegedly not seen their families for the past five months because their managers fear that if they go home, they will bring back Covid-19.

This was confirmed by one of the employees who cannot be named for fear of victimization.

Workers called for a meeting recently in which they pleaded with their employer to soften his position so they can go and see their families but they were allegedly told that anyone who leaves the company will not come back.

The workers said the living conditions were so inhumane that they were sleeping in cargo containers.

Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions secretary general Japhet Moyo said it is unfair for companies to keep workers at the work place for more than two weeks and he will send a delegation to go and look into the matter.

Diamond Cement spokesperson George Makonese confirmed the situation but told The Mirror that it was out of their choice that the workers were not going home.  He added that workers get bonuses for staying at the plant, food and their welfare is taken care of.

“Yes we have employees staying at the plant but they signed indemnity forms. No one was forced to stay at the plant. However, if one leaves, there is a process by which one will come back because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“It is true that the workers had a meeting with the Managing Director over the issue recently and everything was resolved,” said Makonese.

“Around 150 employees have been staying at the plant and at one point we thought of taking legal action but we are afraid of losing the case.

“We are not getting enough food, we sleep in containers and above all we miss our children and spouses dearly,” said a worker. Masvingo Mirror


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