Sunday 11 October 2020



ZANU PF acting spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa, yesterday declared that the opposition will never rule Zimbabwe as they are allegedly working to reverse the gains of the liberation struggle.

 Speaking to the media in the capital yesterday, Chinamasa said those who oppose the land reform programme have no right to rule Zimbabwe.

“Zimbabwe is a liberated country. It did not come through democracy, there was no vote to say Zimbabwe  now wants to become independent.

It was fought for. “Those who oppose its liberation should never dream of ruling this country, those who oppose the independence of this country and those who oppose the land redistribution programme should never dream of  ruling this country with their masters.

“Those who oppose the redistribution of the land… have no right to rule this country because by opposing it, they became sell-outs. Right now, they talk about human rights.

During the colonial period, there were no human rights to talk about. “The colonial masters only started to talk about human rights, democracy in 1980 when they were handing over power. Right now, they are talking about freedom of expression.

That is a digression, it’s important, but it’s a digression. “The important narrative is how Zimbabweans get empowered, until you do that, you spend the next 200 years exercising freedom of expression without eating. Those who go to America to ask for sanctions have no  rights to rule this country.”

Chinamasa also said the ruling party will continue with primary elections despite the government banning by-elections. “I don’t see any double standards myself. When the situation is considered appropriate, the coronavirus  (Covid-19) measures will be relaxed, and Zanu PF is ready. We will continue with our primary elections as you  know during the primary elections, there is a lot of rivalry.

“So, we want to give more time for healing between our respected members who have contested in primary elections. “Zanu PF endorses the wise decision by the government to suspend by-elections temporarily  to ensure that the nation pulls out of Covid-19.”

T h i s comes as the ruling party’s Harare province is holding its primary elections this coming weekend and as of  yesterday, the situation was calm.

He said the party had completed the vetting of CVs for District Coordinating Committee (DCC) candidates and the commissariat department would soon announce the way forward.

Meanwhile, Chinamsa said Local Government minister July Moyo must use his powers and rescind all

 Chitungwiza Town Council resolutions to contain the rampant corruption that is taking place in the local  authority and, at the same time set up a commission of inquiry.

“Zanu PF is demanding the suspension of MDC councillors who are fingered in the alleged abuse of office  and corruption to ensure that sanity returns to the running of Chitungwiza council affairs.

More than half the MDC Chitungwiza councillors are involved in these corrupt activities, acting in collusion  with some council officials.”

He also added that the authorities must arrest land barons who hide behind the name of Zanu PF while fleecing desperate home-seekers of their hard-earned cash by selling them land on wetlands, under power pylons and other sites set aside for other purposes. Daily News


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