Monday 19 October 2020


Precious Sibanda-Makowe with her husband and Pretty Moyo (right) at court

 A BULAWAYO-based married teacher who had an affair with his neighbour was exposed by his pupils who were discussing his cheating ways without noticing the presence of his wife.

The pupils had come for extra lessons at their teacher’s house at Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Airport compound when the wife eavesdropped on them talking about his affair with Pretty Moyo (32) of the same compound.

This was heard when Precious Sibanda-Makowe (36), a nurse based at United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) appeared in court for assaulting Moyo.

She pleaded guilty when she appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Mr Shepherd Munjanja facing an assault charge on Thursday.

In her defence, the remorseful Sibanda-Makowe told the magistrate that she committed the offence out of anger as she felt disrespected by her husband and her alleged girlfriend whom she was treating as a sister yet she went behind her back to do such a disgraceful thing.

“Your Worship, I was angered by the actions of the complainant. I was treating her as a sister. We greeted each other every day as if all was normal while she went behind my back to date my husband. When I confronted her, I expected her to show some remorse and apologise but she became arrogant.

“I became a laughing stock in front of people at the compound and worse she ended up admitting that she was in love with my husband because she thought that we had divorced. This infuriated me to assault her,” said Sibanda-Makowe.

When quizzed by the magistrate how she got to know about the affair she explained how she got home from work to eavesdrop on pupils discussing her husband’s affair and how they had seen him sneaking into the house of the complainant.

“I was coming from work when I overheard pupils discussing among themselves on who my husband was dating. I heard them agreeing that my husband usually goes to the complainant’s house when I am not around and they have seen them getting lovey-dovey at the compound during my absence.

“When I asked my husband about it, he failed to give me a satisfactory answer which forced me to confront the complainant at her place of residence where she also became jumpy on the matter.

On pressing her, she ended up confessing to having an affair with my husband,” Sibanda-Makowe said. Prosecuting Mr Terrence Chakabuda told the court that Sibanda-Makowe and Moyo live in the same compound and there was a misunderstanding over a love affair.

“On 2 October 2020 around 1645 hours at M 18 JMN Airport compound, the accused person approached the complainant at her place of residence. She enquired if she was having an affair with her husband.

“A misunderstanding ensued and the accused person picked up an empty soft drink bottle and hit the complainant on the face before punching her with clenched fists on the face. The complainant sustained a swollen left eye, bruises on the lower lid of the left eye and forehead,” said Mr Chakabuda

She was found guilty and the magistrate sentenced her to 30 days in prison with an option of RTGS$1 000 fine. Chronicle


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