Tuesday 1 September 2020


PRESIDENT Mnangagwa and his South African counterpart, President Cyril Ramaphosa, have agreed to periodically engage so as to apprise each other on regional security threats as well as expose machinations from the region’s detractors who are trying to trigger a political crisis in the region, Zanu-PF secretary for Administration Dr Obert Mpofu has said.

This comes as the SADC region has been under a renewed onslaught from some foreign embassies working with opposition parties and civic society organisations to paint a grim picture of the situation obtaining in countries like Zimbabwe.

In their attempt to amplify their doomsday scenario in Zimbabwe, Western embassies have engaged the services of South African and the local media to manufacture a non-existent crisis by churning unsubstantiated reports of a country that is in a crisis.

It is in this regard that a team from the African National Congress (ANC) is expected to come to Zimbabwe and meet with Zanu PF, a party that has historically played a key role in preserving regional peace. 

“The gesture by the ANC not only epitomises our shared nostalgic anti-colonial position, instead it reasserts a contemporary reproduction of our consciousness to the hidden but the ever-present hand of imperialism in the SADC region.

“In our view as a revolutionary powerhouse in Zimbabwe and in the region, this party-to-party dialogue convened at the urgency of the malicious deconstruction of the ‘Zimbabwean situation’ must expose the imagined desires of a political crisis as misrepresented in the cyber space. We are aware of the input of our opposition in this as its existence is only sustained by creating despondency and demonisation of our nation in a bid to justify its regime-change project. They have failed before and many more failures wait on their part,” said Dr Mpofu. He said President Mnangagwa and Cde Ramaphosa were constantly in touch and the expected visit of the South African delegation would dispel any misconceptions of a crisis in Zimbabwe.

Both President Mnangagwa and President Ramaphosa are members of the Sadc Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation.

“They are expected as soon as possible, it’s an initiative that is being done by our principals, we are sister parties we should never allow a third party to divide us,” said Dr Mpofu. 

Miffed by progress that the country is registering under the leadership of President Mnangagwa and in order to cast spanners in the country’s recovery prospects, detractors are now demonising the country so as to justify the continuation of illegal economic sanctions on Zimbabwe.

“Therefore, this forthcoming party to party dialogue substantiates our timely response as liberation movements to the ever-changing complexities of the neo-colonial decimation of the SADC region.

“The only obtaining crisis in Zimbabwe is the continued demonisation of our Government by many forces opposed to the milestones of the Second Republic. In the face of this pro-opposition postured ‘political crisis in Zimbabwe’, this ZANU PF-ANC dialogue on Zimbabwe must reinforce our ideological convergences in as much as it should unpack the two nationalist parties’ shared existential threats.

“While there is a dedicated onslaught on Zimbabwe and ZANU PF in particular to disfigure the political situation in the country, we hope our ANC counterparts will be better acquainted with the genuine state of affairs in our country beyond the sinister propagandas of our detractors,” he said.

The meeting, Dr Mpofu said, is also expected to strengthen regional interparty solidarities through enhanced peer-reviews of the governance questions.

“The ultimate output of this dialogue should produce a determined resolution to move the agenda for our development in our own terms. As ZANU PF, we anticipate that the major resolution of this dialogue will see our shared anti-colonial political soul magnified towards strengthening our bilateral ties in the areas of commerce, industry, trade and the mutual exchange of sustainable political ideas to build a better continent whose tenets of state-craft are not determined by neo-colonial prefects and their proxies on the doorsteps of our continued fight for unity, development and freedom in Africa,” said Dr Mpofu.

Last month, President Mnangagwa held a meeting with three envoys from President Ramaphosa who included former South African Minister of Safety and Security Dr Sydney Mufamadi, who was leading the team, the former Speaker of Parliament Baleka Mbete and former Minister of Public Service and Administration Advocate Ngoako Ramatlhodi.

“The meeting was part of a peer to peer review of two brotherly nations, which have shared historical ties forged in their nations’ struggle for independence from the white colonialists who are now sponsoring mayhem in the region to install puppet regimes,” said Dr Mpofu. Herald


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