Monday 7 September 2020


THE MDC-United States branch of the Thokozani Khupe-led opposition has accused party secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora of being a "warlord" in charge of a violent militia in a bid to personalise the movement to fight alleged opponents.

In a letter addressed to Mwonzora and party leadership dated August 31, MDC-USA secretary Andrew Chaponda said the Khupe-led MDC T was "anaemic" as indiscipline, violence and tribalism rock the opposition party.

Chaponda's letter reveals that the MDC-USA branch provided funds for the upkeep of youth that participated in the take-over of Harvest House offices in Harare from the MDC Alliance.

The youth have, however, been turned into "marauding vigilantes" in the party's factional fights, the letter adds, as Chaponda called for their urgent demobilisation as agreed by the party.

"No one is safe from these marauding vigilantes, including members of the standing committee. It is time for them to go," part of Chiponda's letter read.

"As you are aware, the SC [Standing Committee] has already recommended that they be demobilised, receive their token of appreciation and turn over guard duties to a professional private security firm."

He added: "Again, as leader of administration and beneficiary of continued occupation, you have failed to implement SC resolutions and leave us wondering whether you are now a warlord in charge of a militia."

Party chairperson Morgen Komichi and his deputy elias Mudzuri were also copied. 

The MDC-USA branch accused Mwonzora of not only personalising the opposition party, but selectively implementing party resolutions.

"It is prudent that the membership knows in writing, that you have unilaterally and selectively decided to personalise the National Council resolutions in unbeknownst by and in defiance of the members' wishes," Chaponda wrote.

Chaponda cited as an example the failure by Mwonzora to recall Lynette Karenyi-Kore (Proportional representation MP), Theresa Makone and Phyllis Ndlovu as suggested by the provincial structures.

"You have also been playing footsie with the recall process. You removed their names from the list without explanation. This trio still needs to be recalled as demanded by their provinces and without further delay. Your office exists to serve the membership, not the other way round."

The MDC-USA branch also raised concern over Mwonzora's failure to stamp out rampant tribalism, particularly the one targeted at Khupe that appears to "be a popular pastime of your (Mwonzora) supporters."

"You have tried to distance yourself from their remarks, but failure to take concrete steps, including suspension and disciplinary hearings, does not fit the abhorrent and so primitive utterances," Chaponda argued.

"As head of party administration, it is your responsibility to instil discipline on errant members, let alone party employees promoting tribalism to advance your candidacy."

Mwonzora was not answering his mobile phone despite repeated efforts. Khupe's spokesperson Khalipani Phugeni yesterday said the matter was up for discussion during the party's standing committee meeting on Wednesday.

"We have a SC meeting next weekend, but before the matter is discussed, I cannot comment. I will comment once the matter has been dealt with," Phugeni said in a telephone interview. Newsday


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