Friday 11 September 2020


When a sex-starved Dangamvura woman approached the courts last week, she poured her heart out, highlighting that her husband is neglecting her needs in the bedroom.

The matter came to light at the Mutare Civil Courts as Mildred Mafunda was applying for a protection order against Clever Mtetwa, who she accuses of physically abusing her.

Mafunda is Mtetwa’s second wife. Mafunda told presiding magistrate, Ms Notebulgar Muchineripi, that Mtetwa has been sexually starving her for months.

“He is not satisfying me in bed. In fact, he stopped being intimate with me after being locked by his first wife. He does nothing in bed, Your Worship. He just stares at the roof when we are in bed and I am tired of it,” said the annoyed woman.

“When I try to force him to be intimate with me, nothing happens. He was locked and no longer has any feelings for me. He does not react to my advances and I cannot take it anymore,” said Mafunda.

“I am really angry at him. I am his wife, not his sister. If l wanted a relationship without intimacy I would have stayed with my brother. I am his wife and should be treated like that in the bedroom,” fumed Mafunda. 

She went on to say Mtetwa is now accusing her of having extra-marital affairs.

She said during arguments, Mtetwa assaults her with sticks and a knife that she had brought to the court as evidence.

In response, Mtetwa confirmed that he has been failing to perform his matrimonial duties.

He, however, claimed that the problem was recently rectified. Mtetwa then accused Mafunda of going to bed in her jeans and shunning his sexual advances.

“l was locked by some jealousy people but the problem was recently addressed after l had consulted some healers,” Mtetwa told the court. 

But an infuriated Mafunda interjected to ask him why he was still not being intimate with her if that was the case.

Mtetwa shot back: “The problem with my wife is that she sleeps fully clothed. I always advice her to sleep in the nude or put on seductive sleepwear.

‘‘I need her to be my wife, not a stranger sleeping besides me.” He also complained about Mafunda’s sleepovers at her parents’ and sister’s houses.

“I now suspect that she is having extra marital relationships,” he said. Mtetwa, however, denied ever assaulting his wife.

Despite that, Ms Muchineripi granted the protection order in Mafunda’s favour. The order bars Mtetwa from assaulting, insulting and harassing his wife.

Ms Muchineripi advised the couple to seek marital counselling. Manica Post


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