Tuesday 15 September 2020


Two gunmen who shot and killed a soldier in Chivhu and were later killed in a follow-up operation by the Army and the Police were buried in Mukandatsama Village under Chief Mazuru in Gutu on Thursday, The Mirror can authoritatively confirm.

Chief Mazuru Munhikwi Mukandatsama confirmed the development in an interview with The Mirror.

The Mirror last week revealed the name of one of the slain gunmen as Ephain Jani (20) and we can now authoritatively disclose the name of the second as Eliot Chihambakwe (45).

Chihambakwe is a former soldier and it is understood that the dispute was over a woman.

Although Chief Mazuru disputed it, sources told The Mirror that there was a heavy Army and Central Intelligence presence at the burial with a sprinkling of relatives.

The two slain gunmen were neighbours in the same village and they stayed one homestead apart, said Chief Mazuru.

A source known to the two and is a neighbour also confirmed the development.
“The two were my neighbours. l know them very well. They are not related, they were working at a mine in Chivhu. l understand they were fighting over a girlfriend.

“On Thursday soldiers and CID details brought the deceased’s bodies to the village and they buried them. Some were in uniforms while others were in their casual clothes,” said a neighbour.

The two shot and killed Lance Corporal Lorance Mupanganyama, and injured Corporal Peter Zvirevo, in Chivhu a week ago. Masvingo Mirror


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