Friday 25 September 2020


 President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Friday said he was disturbed by the loss of life of young children due to ritual killings.

Addressing the online junior Cabinet of the 27th session of the Junior Parliament, President Mnangagwa urged the justice system to investigate and punish perpetrators of child murders.

“I am disturbed by the loss of life of young children as a result of heinous and evil actions for rituals and witchcraft purposes. These cold-hearted acts of murder have no place in our country.

“The stakeholders in our criminal justice system must speedily and strongly deal with the perpetrators so that this evil trend is expunged from our society,” he said.

This comes as a Murehwa family lost its seven-year-old son last week after assailants gruesomely mutilated the boy’s body, taking away his head, arms and legs and leaving just the torso.

The torso was recovered from the jaws of dogs. Tests conducted at a laboratory in Harare confirmed the body parts were not a match but belonged to a 14-year old.

Police have since arrested a cattle herder suspected of murdering the 7 year old after being promised US$1500 for the minor’s head.

President Mnangagwa also raised concern over rising cases of abuse of young children.

“My Government is gravely concerned with the threats to wellbeing of children and youths emanating from various forms of abuse. We continue to take several measures to give effect to our commitments to end violence against children,” he said.

The President commended the young people for enduring the burden of Covid-19 for close to six months during which they were not in school.

“You have stood with your families and communities, upholding the lockdown regulations set out by Government from time to time. I know it was not easy for you all.

“Well done for the discipline and respect you showed for the Government policies and the law. Never lose this important culture,” he said.

Zimbabwe schools are expected to resume classes next Monday under phases starting with exam classes.

President Mnangagwa said the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development was availing resources for school fees and exam fees for disadvantaged learners. “No children will be disadvantaged,” he said.

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