Thursday 6 August 2020


CHIPO Mudadi, a Chivhu woman, who is being sued for $250 000 in damages for engaging in an adulterous relationship with a married man, yesterday challenged the lawsuit in court.

Chipo was slapped with the lawsuit a month after her sister Enita Mudadi was ordered to pay $15 000 adultery damages at the Chivhu Civil Court.

According to papers filed at the court, Angela Chibasa of Chambara in Chivhu is claiming $250 000 plus cost of suit and interest from Chipo, whom she claims is in an adulterous relationship with her husband Arnold Fungai Chibasa, a pirate taxis owner.

Angela, the plaintiff, told magistrate Sam Chitumwa that Chipo was involved in an illicit affair with her husband while she was fully aware that the she and Arnold were legally married.

Chipo and Arnold had a child who is now 11 years old as a result of that adulterous relationship.

Chipo dismissed Angela's claims saying she did not know that Arnold was married when she dated him.

She, however, admitted that she conceived a child with Arnold while she was a Form 4 pupil at Liebenberg High School in 2008. 

 She argues that she eloped to Arnold's home when she was three months pregnant where she was assaulted by Angela and she ended the relationship.

She got married to another man but did not tell him that she was pregnant with Arnold's child.

Chipo accused Angela of destroying her (Chipo's) marriage after she (Angela) revealed who the biological father of her daughter was, which resulted in her being divorced by the man she had married.

On April 18, 2020, she then asked Angela and Arnold to take care of her daughter since she could no longer support her financially.

"I only visit defendant's residence to see my child. I am no longer in love with her husband," she told the court.

She pleaded with the court to dismiss the suit, arguing that Angela and Arnold acquired their marriage certificate when she had already given birth to the child. Newsday


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