Sunday 16 August 2020


A Bulawayo family was last week blessed with triplets, all girls who were delivered normally after years of trying to have a girl.

The Moyo family from Magwegwe North suburb had three boys now aged 14, eight and two before the girls were delivered at Mpilo Central Hospital.

Triplets are a rare occurrence and are expected in every 8 000 births. Acting Mpilo chief executive officer Professor Solwayo Ngwenya said the institution usually records at most two sets of triplets per year.

He said it was also rare for triplets to be delivered normally considering the number of complications that may occur when a woman is carrying more than one child.

Prof Ngwenya said he was delighted that despite the staffing challenges, Mpilo health care workers managed to save four lives and ensure the woman was discharged without suffering any complications.

The three girls who were discharged on Friday last week, are at home and are yet to be named.

“Triplets are very rare and they occur in every 8 000 deliveries which translates to about one set or at most two sets per year which we record at Mpilo. They are associated with a lot of complications and usually come as preterm,” said Prof Ngwenya. 

He said most of them were born through the Cesarean Section due to complications of carrying more than one child.

Prof Ngwenya commended the Mpilo staff for generally working hard and saving lives despite the challenges facing the hospital.

Chronicle caught up with the ecstatic Moyo family which appealed for help with supplementary milk and diapers.

Mr Denmark Moyo said his wife Sikhululekile will not be able to exclusively breast feed the latest additions to the family without supplementary milk.

He said the family had prepared for twins only to learn of the third child just before delivery when his wife went for her last scan.

“We were blessed with the three girls on Sunday last week and we are grateful because my wife delivered normally. She together with the babies did not develop any complications. They were discharged on Friday,” said Mr Moyo. 

He said he was appealing for diapers and formula milk to supplement the mother’s milk given that she has to breastfeed three babies.

“We need clothes as well because we had prepared for two babies but God gave us three and we are very grateful,” said Mr Moyo.

He said they would appreciate any form of assistance that will enable them to provide the best for their three ‘angels’.

Mrs Moyo said the family had from 2018 been hoping to have a girl and they got a triple blessing when she delivered last week.

“We are delighted and grateful that we have three girls and that the delivery went well. I never knew that someone with triplets can deliver normally without complications. We are happy and we will appreciate whatever help we are given,” said Mrs Moyo. Chronicle


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