Friday 7 August 2020


A record 13 new deaths from Covid-19 were reported yesterday, but all were patients who died over the weekend or on Monday in the community or on admission to casualty at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals or other hospitals with the Covid-19 infection only established in post-mortems.

In its daily report last night, the Ministry of Health and Child Care said

The 13 deaths were nine men and four women from Harare and Mashonaland West, with 12 of the deaths coming from Harare.

On Wednesday three new deaths were reported, a 66-year-old man and a 60-year-old woman from Bualwayo and a 79-year-old man from Manicaland.

The number of new cases confirmed yesterday was 56, the lowest daily addition in recent days, with 54 of these within the community and two among quarantined returning residents. This takes the total to 4 395 confirmed cases with 3 299, more than three quarters, being people infected within Zimbabwe.

Wednesday saw 118 new cases, down moderately on recent averages, with 117 being infections within Zimbabwe.

Of the 3 299 local infections, 1 392 were in Harare with 51 deaths, over half the total, and 1 041 in Bulawayo with 23 deaths. Midlands remains in third place with 283 cases and five deaths. 

Gweru is regarded as the Midlands epicentre.

The growing seriousness of the pandemic in Harare is seeing far more adherence to public masking rules, although social distancing in queues is still variable.

South Africa has now ratcheted up 9 298 deaths from 529 877 confirmed cases with the global totals reaching yesterday 706 342 deaths and 18 752 917 confirmed cases. Herald


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