Sunday 30 August 2020


A 32-year-old Mutare man stands accused of attempting to rape his mother on countless occasions.

Fifty-one-year-old Future Matya bared her soul at the Mutare Civil Courts last week when she was seeking a protection order against Severino Mhosva, her biological son.

She also wants him evicted from her house as she accuses him of assaulting her and stealing her money.

Mhosva defaulted the court hearing. The matter appeared before Mutare magistrate, Ms Notebulgar Muchineripi. 

Matya said Mhosva has attempted to rape her on countless occasions. “On several occasions, l have woken up to find my son in my bed. I had to cry for help for my neighbours to rescue me,” she said.

As a result, she is now locking her bedroom door when she retires to bed.

“I have never heard of a son who lusts after his own mother. He knocks on my bedroom door all night, begging me to let him in. I cannot take it anymore and want him out of my house.

“I no longer have peace in my own house. I bought a residential stand and toiled to build the house after his father’s death, now he wants to evict me from my house,” said the elderly woman who believes that Mhosva is harassing her to force her out of her house.

Matya went on to reveal that at one time, Mhosva was hauled before the courts after stabbing her with a knife.

“He threatens me with a knife and I have made several reports against him. He is a well-known criminal and was convicted on numerous occasions. He is an unrepentant criminal. After serving time, he comes back home to continue with his behaviour. He even steals my money and uses it to buy drugs and alcohol.

“If we continue staying under the same roof, I am afraid that one day he will kill me,” said the distraught woman.

Ms Muchineripi granted the protection order in Matya’s favour. However, she advised her to make an eviction application.

Matya was also advised to make a police report if her son attempts to rape her again. Manica Post


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