Wednesday 5 August 2020


ZANU-PF has reportedly launched a massive witch hunt for party leaders who joined forces with civil society groups to stage the July 31 anti-corruption protests, and is systematically axing them, Southern Eye has heard.

On Monday, the axe fell on Zanu-PF Matabeleland North provincial youth leader Tamuka Nyoni, who was suspended on allegations of working against the party.

Nyoni was suspended for alleged links with the Promise Mkwananzi-led pressure group, #Tajamuka/Sesijikile.

This came shortly after politburo member Claveria Chizema was suspended last week on allegations of illegal possession of anti-government fliers which were recovered from her home.

"What we are seeing is that the party top leaders believe the opposition parties and other organisations which are anti-government have devised a way of working with our internal structures. So going forward, we are basically going to see more purges," a party source said.

Another source revealed that the strategy, if not well handled, could backfire for President Emmerson Mnangagwa.
"There has always been an agenda by remnants of G40 to reform President Mnangagwa out of Zanu-PF by tampering with base structures. So this can now be an opportunity to sideline his loyalists on false accusations," the source added.

"That has already happened in Midlands where his nephew Esau Natare was suspended on flimsy grounds, while Godwin Gomwe in Harare almost fell by the way side under the same plot."

Party acting spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa was not picking calls, while youth leader Tendai Chirau declined to comment.

"Kindly talk to Matabeleland North leadership," Chirau said.

Zanu-PF Matabeleland North youth league deputy leader Elizabeth Masuku confirmed the suspension.

"The chair was found with some money coming from crooks and the #Tajamuka crew. So he was suspended pending investigations and appearance before a disciplinary committee. As you know, in our party, there are processes which follow one's suspension," she said. Newsday


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