Saturday 8 August 2020


PRESIDENT Mnangagwa yesterday called on Zimbabweans to unite towards the development of the country and ignore rumblings of fugitives engaged in attempts to destabilise the nation.

Speaking as he commissioned the first phase of the Harare-Masvingo-Beitbridge Road project in Bubi, Beitbridge, President Mnangagwa said development can only be achieved in a peaceful and tranquil environment.

“Let me reiterate that my Government will not tolerate corruption neither will we hesitate to terminate underperforming contracts. The days of holding national development at ransom are over.

“All this will be achieved under an environment of peace, tranquility, stability, unity and love in the country. That is the basis that provides development in our country,” said President Mnangagwa. 

“We must remain united; we must ignore the rumblings of the fugitives who ran away from this country and focus on developing our country for the benefit of our people.”

President Mnangagwa’s calls come amid frenzied attacks on Zimbabwe perpetrated by the tripartite alliance of the opposition, the notorious G40 cabal and some hostile Western embassies.

The G40 cabal has also roped in South African opposition party Economic Freedom Fighters led by Mr Julius Malema in its assault on Zimbabwe.

So far, however, attempts to effect illegal regime change through demonstrations disguised as protests against corruption have failed as they found no takers from peace loving Zimbabweans.

The planned violent demonstrations on July 31 which the merchants of violence wanted to use to oust a democratically elected Government failed as it was ignored by the people.

After the failed attempts, they then adopted the #ZimbabweLivesMatter, a campaign to tarnish the image of Government and the security services. Herald


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