Wednesday 19 August 2020


St Anne’s Hospital in Harare has been opened as a Covid-19 treatment facility , Solidarity Trust Zimbabwe (Sotzim) said in a statement.

Sotzim is a consortium of Zimbabweans aiming to aid the country’s response to Covid-19 through mobilising, informing, scaling and supporting citizen-led contributions. 

Sotzim received donations of more than US$450 000 and more than $15 million, as well as goods and services which were used in the refurbishment of the hospital, supply of goods and services to use at the hospital, and recruitment of staff to work at the hospital.

In a statement Sotzim thanked those who donated funds for the establishment of the hospital.

“Solidarity Trust Zimbabwe is proud to announce the opening of St Anne’s Hospital Covid-19 Response Centre in Harare. Sotzim would like to thank individuals, organisations and cooperatives that have supported this project,” reads part of the statement.

“St Anne’s is the first of a number of hospitals and clinics to be refurbished by Sotzim in Zimbabwe. Not only will these centres be used against the fight of the coronavirus, but they will aid in making healthcare more accessible to all Zimbabweans.” Herald


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