Tuesday 25 August 2020


A Masvingo man and his wife who are standing trial for allegedly assaulting a friend with a log leading to his death following a quarrel over maricho (piece work) money have been granted bail at the High Court in Masvingo pending trial.

Richard Chikwanda (49) was granted bail on Thursday last week while his wife, Christella Masukume (44) of Village 1, Mazango under Chief Chikwanda was granted bail on Wednesday by Justice Neville Wamambo.

The State is alleging that Chikwanda and Masukume assaulted Samuel Dembera (40), a close family friend with a log on August 9, 2020 after the latter demanded his share of piece work money leading to his death on admission at Masvingo General Hospital.

Justice Wamambo granted the latter bail after concluding that they are not flight risks as Chikwanda surrendered himself to the Police after the assault.

Chikwanda was represented by Knowledge Mabvure of Chihambakwe Law Chambers.

The State said that on August 9, 2020, around 10am Chikwanda and his wife visited Dembera and met him at a footpath close to his homestead where Chikwanda and the latter quarreled and got into a fist fight over piece work money.

 Masukume allegedly handed a log to Chikwanda who struck the deceased several times with it on the head. The two accused persons allegedly continued assaulting Dembera until he managed to escape into a hut at his homestead.

Chikwanda who sustained several injuries on his face and neck surrendered himself at Roy Police base and was charged with disorderly conduct before being referred to a hospital for his wounds.

Dembera called a friend, Muchemwa Masukuma and was rushed to Ndanga Hospital where he was transferred to Masvingo General Hospital and died on admission.

Chikwanda and Masukume were arrested on August 10, 2020. Masvingo Mirror


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